Meet Grace Hanser, One of Our Amazing Body Paint Artists!


Meet Grace Hanser, One of Our Amazing Body Paint Artists!

You’ve come to expect a few things from us when you visit us here at Social House – delicious food, quenching drinks, and gorgeous girls adorned in the most beautiful body paint around! Have you ever wondered who is behind the scenes painting our lovely ladies every day? Meet one of our two fantastic body paint artists, Grace Hanser from Impish Grins!

Q: Tell us about your background as an artist. How did you get into body art specifically?

A: I’ve been an artist since I was a kid. I can always remember sitting and painting all day. Right now, I am getting a degree in fine arts as well. My mom (Laura Hanser) and I have owned our face painting business in St. Louis since 2006. We started at the Wentzville Renaissance Festival. It’s only been since last July that we really threw ourselves into the body-painting world!

Q: How did you get connected with Social House?

A: My mom and I got into the body-painting business one day when a good friend of ours called and asked if we would like to take over her position body painting at Social House back in July 2015. We didn’t know what to expect, but we had so much fun painting the girls at Social House that we decided to make it our home base.

Q: What kind of body art do you enjoy doing at Social House the most?

A: I enjoy painting anything that has to do with mermaids, pirates, and the ocean. I really love Halloween, too, so anytime I can do something spooky and more on the dark side, I’m pretty happy. Speaking of the dark side, I really love when we have Star Wars themes!

Q: What is something about body art that a regular person might not know?

A: A lot of people think that when you say body painting or face-painting that it’s just going to be something small. When guests come into Social House, they see that my mom and I really put our heart and soul into our paintings. Another thing people are curious about is if we use stencils and airbrush. We don’t. We use paintbrushes and/or use sponges. The paint we use is all actually make-up as well, and each time we paint a girl, we create a unique work of art that will never be done again!

Q: How has body art added to the Social House experience?

A: The body art at Social House makes it stand out from any other sports bar in St. Louis. Not only do we paint the girls, but we also paint the guests who come in as well! Sometimes we make appointments, and sometimes guests bring in parties and spontaneously decide to get painted. It’s a not just a lot of fun for the people getting painted; it’s also fun for us to give them the experience so they can say they got painted at a sports bar. Who else can say that? Occasionally, we also paint people before they go to the baseball game, the hockey game, or just for fun!

Q: Tell us about your artistic accomplishments that you are most proud of!

A: I would have to say that body painting is my biggest accomplishment. I love painting on canvas, but painting on a body that is going to walk around all day and actually interact with people is something that I find amazing. Even the girls that I paint are so kind and unique in their own way. When you add body paint to them, they feel even more comfortable and confident. I’m going to keep body painting and make a career out of it, thanks to Social House!

Q: Tell us any other interesting information about yourself or your artwork that you’d love to share!

A: One day I would love to be on Skin Wars! Body painting has absolutely taken over my whole life! It’s something that I’m passionate about and I will never stop learning and practicing.

At Social House, we absolutely love having Grace and her mom Laura here and painting our beautiful girls with unique themes every day! Be sure to stop by soon and see what they’ve created (and maybe you’ll dare to have you and your friends painted up as well)!

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